Topic Areas

IEEE DTPI 2023 is an opportunity to share, discuss, and witness research results across all technical areas of Digital Twins and Parallel Intelligence research.

Main Track Topics

  • Theory of Development of DTPI
  • Information Infrastructure for DTPI
  • Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence R&D for DTPI
  • Industrial Practices of DTPI
  • Emerging DT Standards & Practices
  • DTPI Applications in Vertical Areas:
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Infrastructure Systems
  • Transportation
  • Power & Energy Systems
  • Autonomous Vehicles
  • Human Systems
  • Blockchain and Distributed Systems
  • Ecology Digital Twins
  • Cyber-Physical Social Systems
  • Healthcare
  • Robotics
  • Manufacturing Systems


Workshop Topics

  • Introduction to Digital Twins
    • Speaker: Vartan Piroumian
  • Digital Spectrum Twinning
    • Speaker: Dr. Gregory Durgin
    • Description: This tutorial will explore the use of Digital Spectrum Twins and their various applications for sharing spectrum in future systems such as Citizens Broadband Radio Services (CBRS) and National Radio Dynamic Zones (NRDZ). This will be a survey for those new to both the digital twin concept and the emerging issues of next-generation radio spectrum management
  • Radio Applications of Digital Twins
    • Speaker: Serhat Tadik
    • Description: This workshop outlines the components of a digital spectrum twin (DST) and potential application maps that can inform automated or enhanced spectrum management decisions. The DST is fundamentally a map and image database, with environmental, measurement, and prediction maps that allow parallel intelligence operations to generate useful information using aggregating rules that operate on the twin. We demonstrate several application maps generated from measured data collections and propagation modeling associated with the POWDER platform in Salt Lake City, Utah. In total, this work provides a blueprint for generating similar DSTs in any other radio bands and regions of the world.
  • Building Your Human Digital Twin (HDT): A Modeling and Simulation Transdisciplinary Approach from Theory to Design, Development, and Implementation
    • Speakers: Dr. Soheil Sabari, Dr. Carolina Cruz-Neira, Dr. Michael Cox, Dr. Roger Azevedo
    • Panel: Dr Crystal Maraj, Dr. Bari Hoffman, Assistant Superintendent Shawn Gard-Harrold, Dr. Matthew Hackett, Emily Mills
    • Description: The scope of this workshop includes the theoretical, conceptual, methodological, analytical, and applied exploration around HDTs as both research tools and application tools for specified domains, contexts, and technologies. We welcome perspectives across all domains for contributions to developing the research agenda and HDT roadmap the workshop will focus on developing.
  • Digital Twins, the Metaverse, and Smart Airports
    • Speakers: Dr. Soheil Sabri, Dr. Kostas Alexandridis, Kelly Watt, Doug Migliori
    • Panel: Experts in digital twins, airports, and aviation moderated by Dr. Soheil Sabri
    • Description: In an era of rapid digital modernization and technological advancement, “Smart Infrastructure” has gained significant attention. Within this broader context, Digital Twins, Metaverse, and Smart Airports are emerging as transformative elements that can reshape the digital landscape and the aviation industry. This panel discussion proposal explores the symbiotic relationship between Digital Twins, Metaverse, and the future of airport design and operation, exploring how they can collaborate to create more efficient, sustainable, and resilient critical infrastructures.


University of Central Florida
IEEE Council on RFID


IST, School of Modeling Simulation and Training